A Cleveland man, who murdered his girlfriend by using his pit bull as the murder weapon, could soon be released.

Jeffrey Mann has a parole hearing next week after spending the past 25 years in prison for the murder of Angela “Dolly” Kaplan. Kaplan’s family and the lead detective on the case are hoping he doesn’t get a second chance.

“There is no way I will ever stop missing you,” said Joyce Ragels, Kaplan’s mother. “There is no way I'll ever stop loving you."

Ragels' beloved daughter was killed by Mann in September of 1992. Mann ordered his pitbull to maul her after he and Kaplan got into an argument. It was a case that caught national attention.

“It was horrifying then. It’s horrifying now,” she said. “How could you do that, and then how could you wait for almost four hours before you called 9-1-1.”

Mann was sentenced to 15 to life in prison. He is attempting his third shot at freedom with next week’s hearing.

“I don't want him to be able to hurt someone else the way he's hurt my family,” Ragels said. “And I believe he will.”

Retired Cleveland police Det. Michaelene Tailano shared pictures of the crime scene and talked to us about the case.

"I would say it is the most horrendous form of domestic violence I have ever seen,” said Taliano. "He never showed any emotion as far as he is concerned this was supposed to be the love of his life."

Taliano says she doesn’t believe Mann is a changed man.

“Anyone who can do that and can be so cold blooded has a problem,” she said. “They should not be in society."

Mann’s last parole hearing was in 2013. If you would like to contact the parole board and give your opinion on Mann’s possible release, you can click here.