JENNINGS, Mo. — Patricia Walls is known for throwing Fourth of July block parties every year on McLaran Avenue in Jennings.

But this year, a good time turned into a scary situation. 

"The storm came, the winds blew and blew down the barricades, well the barricades being down, the traffic started to come," Walls said. 

Police say Taylor Bloate drove a four-wheeler into a crowd, running over the leg of a 5-year-old girl before leaving the scene in a car. 

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Officer Jeff Meadows wasn't just at the scene, he also arrested the suspect.

But the case didn't stop there. 

"Me and another officer, Officer Grimes, we were the two officers, who responded initially. It just didn't sit well with us, anytime a child is involved emotions run high. We decided to go check up on her and see how she's doing and make sure everything was healing well. We brought her a whole bunch of teddy bears and she said she loved every single one of them. She said she which one was her favorite, she said all of them. We asked if she would share it and she said no," Meadows said. 

But that 5-year-old girl, also happens to be Walls niece. 

She's not only grateful that she is doing well, but she's also thankful that St. Louis County PD went above and beyond to put a smile on her niece's face.