The jury has recommended the death penalty for Joseph McAlpin, the man convicted shooting two people to death in the "Mr. Cars" case.

In any capital murder trial, a jury must reach a unanimous verdict on a death sentence in order for it to be carried out, with the judge eventually making the final decision. The jury did so for both counts, and Judge Brian J. Corrigan set official sentencing for this coming Tuesday at 1 p.m. While Corrigan could technically overrule the jury and instead sentence McAlpin to prison, such instances are extremely rare.

McAlpin was convicted of aggravated murder and multiple other charges last month in the April 2017 shooting deaths of Mike and Trina Kuznik at a car dealership on Cleveland's East 185th St. McAlpin has acted as his own attorney for the duration of the trial, and has maintained his innocence.

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McAlpin had few words to say following the jury's decision, only inquiring about court costs and his intent to appeal. He previously served nine years in prison for aggravated robbery prior to his release in 2016.

Two more men, 24-year-old Jerome Diggs, Jr. and 25-year-old Andrew Keener, were also arrested in connection to the crimes in November of 2017. According to court records, Keener pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in February, while Diggs still faces multiple charges including aggravated murder.