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Man arrested, charged with assaulting Cedar Point employee after alleged groping

Dean Graff hit an employee multiple times after claiming the employee touched his genitals while assisting with a ride's seatbelt.

SANDUSKY, Ohio — A Michigan man was arrested and charged with assaulting a Cedar Point employee on Sunday after claiming the employee groped him while assisting with the seatbelt on a ride.

Dean Graff claimed the employee touched his genitals while assisting with the seatbelt on the Steel Vengeance rollercoaster.

According to a witness in a Sandusky Police Department investigation report, Graff got off the ride after it returned to the ride platform and struck the employee eight to nine times in the head.

An officer observed swelling and cuts on the employee's head, who also went to the hospital to be checked out for a possible concussion.

According to the report, Graff alleged the employee also grabbed his genitals while grabbing for the seatbelt. Graff then claimed he told the employee he would "confront him" when he came back.

The responding officer also observed scratches and blood on Graff's hands.

The incident is still under investigation by the Sandusky Police Department.

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