A 17-year-old boy is under arrest after he apparently stabbed two people at a Rittman Burger King Tuesday evening.

According to a police report and multiple witness statements, the boy was eating with his girlfriend when a 14-year-old boy came up and started "messing" with them, including stealing a french fry. An employee at the restaurant told police she asked them to leave, but the suspect apparently walked up to the 14-year-old, threw a cup of pop in his face, and stabbed him in the chest.

After the employee called 911, the suspect and his girlfriend were then followed out of the restaurant by another group of juveniles. One of the (just 13 years old) confronted the suspect and was stabbed in the face multiple times. The suspect then threw the knife in the garbage and waited with his girlfriend for his father and the police to arrive.

After receiving stitches for a cut on his hand, the suspect spoke to Rittman police, and apparently admitted to stabbing both boys. However, he claimed it was in self defense, saying the 14-year-old egged him on and looked like he would "jump" him and that the 13-year-old grabbed him by his hair. He said he "kind of blacked out" after stabbing the second victim in the face, and claimed he was being punched and was aiming for his ribcage.

Authorities took multiple photos of the scene, which displayed several drops of blood. The alleged weapon was also recovered.

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The suspect is currently incarcerated at a juvenile detention center and faces charges of felonious assault and tampering with evidence. The 14-year-old boy he stabbed was treated at the scene of the crime, while the 13-year-old was taken to Akron Children's Hospital.

NOTE: It is WKYC's policy not to release the names of juvenile suspects