A murder suspect was released from the Cuyahoga County Jail by mistake, and both the county and the city of Euclid are to blame.

If this is sounding familiar, it should: It was just last month when the county jail mistakenly released another violent suspect.

Last Thursday, Jacquise Drewery wrapped up a traffic case in Euclid. City jailers then hauled him to the Cuyahoga County Jail on his murder case.

Euclid brought along papers for his release—not for the traffic case, but for the pending murder case. The Euclid clerk of courts admits they blew it.

"We did make a mistake, but...I felt we acted pretty promptly in trying to correct that mistake," Keith Hurley said. "It's unfortunate, and I'm sorry it took place, what happened."

Euclid notified Cuyahoga County of their paperwork mistake within 45 minutes, so why did the jail release the suspected murderer the very next day? The county can't answer that question.

Drewery remained a free man for four days before the sheriff's warrant unit finally got word to arrest him and bring him back to jail, which they did.

Just last month, the county jail also mistakenly released armed robbery suspect Datuan Whitfield. He had been charged in three felony cases, but managed to walk out of jail a free man without posting bond in one of the three cases, a bank robbery in East Cleveland.

The county admits they have problems and that someone dropped the ball when Euclid called to alert them of the incorrect release papers. For now, they've ordered additional training in the records division.