TOLEDO, Ohio — After a video showing two siblings getting restrained by police Friday afternoon got attention on social media over the weekend, Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz spoke Sunday about the incident and said the video concerns him. 

"The optics of that video are certainly not good. And I think we live in a world right now where there's heightened scrutiny. As their should be on police, community relations," he said. "The video concerns me. I've talked to Chief Kral a couple times this weekend. He's concerned by the video also. We all should be concerned. We all should want to know that use of force was justified or not."

Toledo City Councilmember Yvonne Harper, who represents the area where the traffic stop took place, also weighed in on the incident. 

"I realize that there's two sides to a story, but we need to know why the car was stopped. Why did people get out of the car? Why were the police demonstrating the actions that they took. Those are my concerns," Harper said.

The twin brother and sister were taken into custody for resisting arrest and assault on a police officer following a north Toledo traffic stop Friday evening, according to Toledo police.

According to a Toledo police press release, the department's gang task force conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle at Lagrange Street and Manhattan Boulevard when they were investigating a gun crime in the ShotSpotter area.

Police have not provided more details on the reasons for the traffic stop. 

Police say Jannah Wyley, 21, who was not a passenger in the car, approached the stop and was repeatedly asked to back away. She refused to listen to detectives and began escalating the situation while her brother, Jabril Wyley, became uncooperative, according to the press release. 

Police say officers tried to detain Jabril Wyley in handcuffs for their safety but he resisted arrest. Jannah Wyley then physically intervened and struck a detective multiple times in the face, according to police.

Both siblings were taken into custody. Police say neither one of them were injured. 

A Facebook post that included a video showing part of the incident has sparked numerous comments and questions about the incident. The video was deleted and posted on Youtube later. 

Two In-Custody Following North Toledo Traffic Stop Toledo, OH (Sep... tember 6, 2019): Two suspects are in-custody for resisting arrest and assault on a police officer following a North Toledo traffic stop Friday evening. A short segment of the overall incident was posted on Facebook, accumulating numerous views and questions from commentators.

The twins' mother, Dauleita Wyley, spoke out about the incident and said nothing would have warranted that kind of violence from police. 

"Nothing could have warranted that (aggression). Nothing that they could have done. My daughter weighs 112 pounds," she said. "I need justice. I need officers to pay for what they did. That was excessive force." 

The family said they plan to seek legal counsel. 

twins arrested
Mother of Jannah Wyley and Jabril Wyley

The press release says the involved officers’ command will review the incident according to Toledo Police Department policy and procedure.

Jabril Wyley was released on an OR bond Friday night. Jannah Wyley, however, will spend the weekend in jail.

Both are set to make an initial appearance Monday at 9 a.m.


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