We are hearing for the first time from the man who has now admitted to killing, raping and murdering 14-year old Alianna DeFreeze on her way to school in Cleveland last winter.

At first he denied it, using an elaborate series of stories explaining that he was in the wrong time at the wrong place.

Then Christopher Whitaker admitted to being a monster. Using screwdrivers and drills on his quiet teenage victim, saying things like the following:

"The world is going to hate me now. She never had a chance to grow up. Never had a chance to experience anything. And i took that away from her. And it's nothing I can do to bring her back."

In the last few days, we've seen the final minutes of Alianna DeFreeze's life. Wednesday, prosecutors laid out the weapons -- the drill, the knife and the screwdriver through her head.

Thursday, it was time to look at the videotape admissions from Whitaker:

"I was so high. And out of my mind, I was out of character."

"I've got what i got coming and i deserved it. Will write a formal apology to her family that they probably don't want to hear. But I will do it anyway, I don't want a circus made out of this, I just want to go to court and get it over with."

He could be sentenced to death. The tactic of laying his cards on the table and admitting it was him is all being done to try and avoid being sent to death row.

For Christopher Whitaker, a major victory would be a life sentence without parole.

Court resumes Monday.