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WARNING | Graphic content: Woman heroically calls 911 during Brook Park shooting that left baby girl dead

The caller survived being shot in her leg, and four other children in the home were apparently unharmed. The alleged shooter died by suicide.

BROOK PARK, Ohio — Brook Park police have released 911 audio from a shooting that left a 10-month-old baby dead and a woman injured late Saturday afternoon.

At this time, authorities believe the incident was a murder-suicide, with the 27-year-old male suspect allegedly firing at both the baby and a 27-year-old woman before turning the gun on himself. All three were rushed to the hospital, but only the adult woman survived.

We are now learning more about that still-unnamed woman's apparent actions during the incident, actions that may have saved the lives of several other children inside the house on West 150th Street. In the 911 call obtained by 3News, she can be heard asking for police while a man in the background (supposedly the suspect) shouts "Where's my daughter?" After the woman said she was in her room, a gunshot rang out.

Moments later, the woman told the dispatcher she had been shot in the leg and that the suspect was "leaving the house with one of my children." He instead went to another room inside the home, where the woman said he "shot [the gun] multiple times."

During this period of uncertainty, the dispatcher calmly attempted to guide the caller through the situation, all while alerting police to what is happening. She also helped the woman administer first aid to herself, as she was badly bleeding after being shot.

"I want to try to keep you talking," the dispatcher said to the victim. "I want you to try to stay conscious with me, okay?"

As the woman lay wounded in her bedroom, four children were hiding there under her bed. Since the window to the outdoors was too high up and she could not tell for sure the suspect shot himself, both she and the dispatcher directed the kids to stay put until police (who by now are at the scene) can get inside.

"Not yet, baby," the woman tells one of the children. "Just stay there until the officers are here, okay?"

While soaked in blood, the woman could see the suspect lying on the floor of another bedroom and not moving. The cops then got inside and went to the woman, who asked them, "Did he kill my baby?" Sadly, both the suspect and the little girl were later found shot.

The woman gave both her name as well as the man's name to the dispatcher, but officials have not yet positively identified any of them. The caller's exact condition is still unknown at this time, but she is expected to survive.

UPDATE: A GoFundMe for the mother of the 10-month-old baby has been set up. Click here for more.

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