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Database links Cleveland restaurants and workers

The restaurant business is booming in Cleveland.
Chocolate Bar

CLEVELAND -- The restaurant business is booming in Cleveland.

You smell it from the food turned out by iconic chefs.

You hear it in the clank of the dishes in busy kitchens and in the sound of chatter in crowded restaurants.

The catch-22? The pool of hospitality employees is spread thin.

Former Cleveland Scene Magazine food writer Jason Beudert spent 20 years working in and writing about Northeast Ohio restaurants.

Everywhere he went, restaurant owners asked him if he knew of any good hospitality help.

"All across Northeast Ohio, whether you have a quick service restaurant or a 5-star restaurant, everyone is having a tough time finding really good help," says Beudert.

So Beudert co-founded www.restaurantrecruits.com.

It's a website forging a win-win recipe for success for restaurant owners and the people who work for them.

A way to bring good help to the restaurants and bring the restaurants to people who need good jobs.

Jessica Cooper is general manager of The Chocolate Bar on the vibrant corner of East 4th Street and Euclid Avenue.

"There are so many great places that are open that there are only a certain amount of people who are really qualified that you want to have in your restaurant," said Cooper.

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That's why Beudert says his website has been so incredibly successful in just less than four months.

"We've been off the launch pad like a rocket ship. It's been excellent," said Beudert.

Beudert says it's the only Cleveland based recruiting firm dedicated to recruiting dishwashers, servers, bar tenders, hosts, front house managers, kitchen managers, chefs and more.

"Because we have been in the restaurant business our whole lives, we put them through a screening process at Restaurant Recruits. We put them through the guest service test," said Beudert.

For Cooper, it could prove a valuable site.

"For holiday parties I always know I'm going to need extra help, and with the RNC coming into town, I know I'm going to need extra help for that," said Cooper. "Just keeping those people on is key."

"This is a good problem for us to have," said Beudert. "Now it's about solving it with the right fits."