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The Wristband "Nudges" You To Make Better Food Choices.

You can use the wristband to scan food product labels and the band tells you yes or no!

You know that inner voice that tells you, “you shouldn’t eat that cake”. Well, most of the time you don’t need to be told that, you know. But what about the decision between crackers with extra fiber or the ones with  less salt? Really, WHICH one is better for YOU? An app just might be what you’re looking for.

It’s an app with a wristband called the DNAnudge. You swab for your DNA, the info is uploaded within an hour inside the store to a wristband.
That wristband then helps “nudge” you to better shopping and eating choices.

You can scan food bar codes and it gives you a red light as in don't choose this or a green light, yes that's the one!
The CEO of DNAnudge says it was created to help those with specific genetic traits.

"I've got the gene for hypertension, so I've got to be very wary of salt. Salt is one of my issues and what's very interesting actually is that there is less salt in salted peanuts rather than dry roasted peanuts, for me. Which means that since I love peanuts over a year I could potentially save about 2kg of salt not entering my bloodstream without even realizing it.”

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Right now DNAnudge is in London, but you have believe it will be expanding here soon or another company will be taking it on.