MINNEAPOLIS - Although it's not a financial windfall, this one will make Minnesota taxpayers and sports fans feel better about life.

That Eagles fan who was all over social media stealing a seat from U.S. Bank Stadium after his team won Super Bowl 52? He'll be paying for it. A spokesman for the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority (MSFA) says that man was tracked down, admitted what he did, and agreed to pay $125 for the seat he stole.

It became clear in the wake of Philly's victory that celebrating fans apparently didn't just do damage in Philadelphia. A video posted on social media showed the above-mentioned Eagles fan taking a seat from U.S. Bank Stadium, and he wasn't the only one.

“I saw three seats being kicked out," said Zak Fick. "I was just one that happened to take a photo."

Fick and his family were visiting the Twin Cities from South Dakota and had tickets for the game. Fick took photos of the busted seats and posted them on Reddit.

Broken seats at U.S. Bank Stadium_
Photos taken by Zak Fick show broken seats, after fans kicked out the backs to take as a souvenir.

Fick says while he and his family are Vikings fans, he encountered nothing but great Eagles and Patriots fans during his time at the game.

"I had Eagles fans coming up to me in my Vikings jersey and saying, your team is great," he said. "Really nice.”

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It wasn't until the game ended that things got a bit more destructive. Fick said he saw a couple of people kicking out seat backs and another seat in his section was ripped out completely, from the mounts.

Another seat in the row was removed altogether.
Another seat in the row was removed altogether.

Barstool Sports posted the video, which claimed the fan had taken the seat and checked it at coat check.

One man posted on his Instagram account that he was sitting next to a guy at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport who apparently stole one of the seats at the stadium and -- perhaps most surprising -- got through TSA with it.

@usbankstadium you appear to be missing a seat. The drunk guy next to me has it.

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Minneapolis Police say they didn't take any reports that night about the stolen or broken seats.

The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority said in a statement, “We are aware of the video of a fan with a stadium seat outside of our perimeter and our security team is investigating the incident. Per our standard operating procedure, damaged or missing seats will be repaired or replaced immediately."

The statement went on to say, "On a broader note, U.S. Bank Stadium was once again spectacular, this time on an international stage in front of more than 100 million people."

Fick wants people to know he doesn't want to just point out the bad. There were some Eagles fans sitting in his row that surprised him in another way, he said.

"They thought ahead enough to grab a garbage bag. All of the sudden I saw them bending over after the game and picking up trash. I thought that was pretty cool," he said.

Fick said he heard seats were being broken in other sections but a spokeswoman with the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority tells KARE 11, it was only aware of those three seats and downplayed its significance.

"It's like coming to my house and breaking all the china," Fick said. "It was not everyone but the ones that did break seats ... c’mon."

The fan who stole a seat has agreed to pay for its replacement. Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority spokeswoman Jennifer Hathaway says the fan regrets his actions. Since extra chairs were previously bought in bulk, the cost to replace it, including labor, is estimated at $125.

U.S. Bank Stadium manager SMG said Wednesday that it doesn't plan to take further action against the fan.

As of this date there is no word on whether any of the other Eagles fans who kicked out, stole or destroyed seats have been identified.