CLEVELAND - Cleveland State University is launching a new twist to their sports management program next fall. The idea behind it is to incorporate the region’s professional sports teams and venues into the program.

Ron Willner, a CSU sports management professor, says, “We are trying to connect the university to our professional sports teams, our sports commission and some of the entertainment venues in town as well. Just to give students a better opportunity, if they should choose a career in sport and entertainment management, to connect with leadership teams from these individual organizations.”

The redevelopment of the program is also focused on the entertainment business. They’ll incorporate concert promotion and touring. Most sports venues will either often or occasionally bring other things in, such as concerts or shows, so CSU sees that as an important addition to the coursework.

“We want kids to learn about things that go on at Quicken Loans Arena, Wolstein Center and House of Blues,” says Willner.

The new college program will be called Sport and Entertainment Management, but CSU is hoping to give high schoolers the first crack at their revamped combination. They’ve created a Summer Institute program for high school juniors and seniors to test the waters in the field.

“The Summer institute is basically a 5 day workshop. Kids will learn hands on experience, they’ll take tours of local entertainment venues and sports venues to help them get a better grasp of what they want to do career wise,” says Willner.

Organizations participating in the Summer Institute include the Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Indians, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Teamwork Online and Live Nation.

The idea was a pretty easy sell for Kate Daugherty, a junior at Magnificat, who’s known for awhile this line of work was in her blood. Not only has she grown up doing everything from ice skating and playing softball to being the captain of the bowling team, but her father Ed does broadcasting for high school football and Cleveland State.

Kate says, “I already work in the press box with my dad. I just like that world and like to be around it more.”

She’s excited to get one of the first looks at Cleveland State’s new take on Sport and Entertainment Management.

“It’s kind of cool that I get to still do sports, but still do the business side of it,” says Daugherty.

Cleveland State's Summer Institute will run from June 17-23, for more information click here.