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Decoding Parenting: How to handle an aggressive child

All kids get upset at times. But when a tantrum turns aggressive, there are some crucial steps you should take to calm your kids.

SEATTLE — Aggressive tendencies in children can be one of the most difficult struggles in parenting. All kids get angry at times, and as they learn how to express themselves there could be a hidden reason behind their anger.

That's exactly what we are focusing on in our latest attempt to decode parenting. Certified Parenting Coach Beaven Walters says it's important to try to figure out where the aggression is coming from. She stresses that children often do not want to face vulnerable feelings. Your child's anger could also be a result of a built-up need to vent frustrations. 

Beaven identified the 'Flow of Frustration'-- and how it leads to tantrums and how you can calm your child.

Ultimately, she says if a child’s focus cannot be redirected, provide aggressive outlets you are okay with, like shredding paper, punching pillows and throwing pillows on the ground.

KING 5's Amity Addrisi will continue her series on decoding parenting throughout the year

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