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Schools in Northeast Ohio concerned about new TikTok challenge

The latest challenge involves 'smacking a staff member.'

AKRON, Ohio — A local school district is warning parents about a dangerous challenge on TikTok.

A letter was sent out to parents in the Carrollton Exempted Village Schools District that warned them of the challenge to "smack a staff member" and the possible consequences.

“We want them to be aware and let them know of the seriousness of the consequences that could happen, meaning expulsion and possible criminal charges,” said Superintendent Dave Quattrochi.

The challenge follows September’s “devious licks” challenge. Videos surfaced on TikTok of kids stealing school property like bathroom sinks.

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“I know staff members are concerned,” said Quattrochi. “Aa result, we have extra staff members monitoring the halls, we have our school resource officers aware of the situation and our administrators are out there as well.”

The Ohio School Safety Center (OSSC) stated that they are aware of the challenge in a press release. The OSSC released the following statement:

“Several school administrators are working to inform parents of this new and upcoming trend and are speaking with students about the potential repercussions that could result if they participate. We recommend sharing this information and a copy of your school’s code of conduct with your staff, students, and parents.”

Akron Education Association President Pat Shipe said the latest social media challenge “adds another layer” to the challenges educators are dealing with in the classroom.

“Our educators are getting weary,” said Shipe. “There’s a lot to deal with in the classroom. We’re dealing with the everchanging covid guidelines – and keeping our students and staff safe.”

Shipe encourages parents and families to talk to their kids and also open communication with educators.

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