The state says no more double dipping when it comes to funding for pre-schools.

It’s a move that will likely cut budgets and spots for local children.

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services recently announced childcare centers in the state can no longer partner with the Federal Head Start program. It means for the part of the day a child is considered to be in Head Start, no money will be allotted from the state for that child.

According to Katie Kelly with Pre4CLE, the change would mean $2 million less every year for early learning programs in Cuyahoga County and a reduction in quality of education and services for about 1,000 kids in local pre-schools.

“That’s horrible to hear. I think they should be finding somewhere else to be pulling the funding from,” said Eva Primm, a mother of three.

“That’s just crazy. That means a lot of parents are gonna have to stay home and be with their kids and teach them themselves,” Warren Vance, a father, told WKYC.

This rule already existed in Ohio administrative code, it just hasn't been enforced. The change is due to begin Sept. 3, likely bringing an end to some children's learning as the school year just begins.

Those against this move are asking the governor to delay the implementation so the legislature and the governor can work together to find a different solution.