Drivers are distracted more now than ever, and that distraction increases during the summer months. 

Teen drivers are especially at risk. According to AAA, deadly crashes involving teens jump 14 percent from Memorial Day to Labor Day. 

Last year, there was an average of 10 fatal crashes per day involving teen drivers. 

Night driving is a major factor, too. 36 percent of deadly teen crashes occur between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. Also, 29 percent of crashes are speed related. 

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For parents, there are ways to monitor your teen's driving habits. New high-tech features such as Chevy's 'teen driver technology' can help parents keep an eye on new drivers. 

In addition, HUM by Verizon offers speed alerts and a safety score. 

Parents are encouraged to reinforce safe driving habits so teens can reach their destination safely.