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The key to your home-school setup? Keep it simple

According to professional organizers, less is more when it comes to your kids' learning spaces.

CLEVELAND — It’s been weeks since we’ve transitioned our kids from school to home, and a lot of us have had to get really creative when it comes to our home-school setups.  

It's becoming the new norm: Even if your work/school space is on the kitchen table, in a play area or right in front of some windows, parents are turning their homes into classrooms. But, try not to stress out ... just start simple.

“So they need a clear office space so the child has some room to work. Just like you do for yourself, your child is no different," Christina Hidek, of Streamlined Living, said. "I think for kids it is, less really is more, because they will focus on whatever's right there. And just like any teacher will tell you, they'll play with a little staple that they find on their desk. It doesn't matter."

The result, may be your kids getting more work done.

"If you limit what they have immediate access to, then they're going to stay focused longer, which means they'll get their work done faster," Hidek said. "Because sometimes kids see the same things and they're like, 'Oh, I'm bored. There's nothing new.' Um, you could only put a couple books out at a time to keep them interested and engaged.”

Some other tips from Hidek:

  • Make sure it is a clear space
  • Use a basket or container for workbooks and school work
  • Reduce writing utensils (stick to what you need only)
  • Checklists on the wall

For more helpful organization tips, click HERE.

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