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Why Shanae Ankney was one of the women who was sent home on The Bachelor

Shanae, 29, from Sycamore, Ohio was left alone in Niagara Falls and Genevieve Parisi remains in the competition for Clayton Echard's love
Credit: ABC
Shanae Ankney, 29 (right), of Sycamore, was confronted by Clayton Echard, 28 (right), on The Bachelor Women Tell All special.

CLEVELAND — Fellow contestants on The Bachelor got what they wanted when Sycamore, Ohio's Shanae Ankney was sent home on Monday night's episode of the reality show dating competition, while Ohio University graduate Rachel Recchia won the group date rose from Clayton Echard.

When Shanae did not return from her two-on-one date and Los Angeles bartender Genevieve Parisi walked back into the ladies' Canadian hotel instead, the remaining women popped champagne and cheered.

Not one to remain quiet, Shanae shared this retrospective comment on Instagram on Monday night after her elimination aired on television: 

"For those of you who don’t know me, I wanted to share a few things. If you choose to judge me on the five hours of footage you’ve watched, I’m sad you didn’t get a look into the real me. And if you were so quick to say you would never be 'so mean to someone' while simultaneously sending me hateful messages so ugly I wouldn’t repost - that doesn’t make you better than me."

However you perceive Shanae, the remaining women's joy at her departure was short-lived, as insecurities mount deep into the competition for Clayton's love and a new villain emerged in 33-year-old New Jersey entrepreneur Mara Agrait.

Meanwhile, following a journey to Croatia, 26-year-old private pilot Rachel was handed the group date rose after a day full of pretending to be knights in battle and eating fish eyeballs and pig brains.

In total, Shanae is one of three women who are sent home during episode 6 of season 26 of The Bachelor, leaving just nine women vying for a relationship with Clayton.

Before we see our remaining Ohio lady Rachel telling Clayton that she's falling in love with him and that she's ready to meet his family, Shanae says an opinionated goodbye to the 28-year-old sales professional and former NFL player through an interview with producers.

The 29-year-old recruiter shouts into the Falls that she never wants to see him again, and that she can't believe he chose Genevieve over her.

Early on her two-on-one date with Genevieve, Shanae bursts into tears (which she says are fake tears during an on-camera cutaway interview) and tells Clayton she has a hard time opening up and has never been in love, leading to a sweet moment where the two kiss and it appears that she'll be sticking around for one more week. 

This was shortly after she appears to try to plant seeds of doubt in Clayton's mind about whether Genevieve actually wants to continue to date him.

She tells Clayton that she doesn't trust Genevieve because she overheard her saying she wanted to go home, which catches Clayton off guard.

Sitting on a park bench between the two ladies, Clayton asks Genevieve whether she is "an actress and are you lying" to him, hears her say no, and walks away to "take a moment" to himself before ultimately deciding that it's time for Shanae to leave.

With Shanae gone, the women think they will have peace for the rest of their journey, but Bachelor Nation soon sees Mara trying to sabotage another contestant, New York City wealth management advisor Sarah Hamrick, by telling Clayton she doesn't think the 23-year-old is ready for marriage.

Clayton sees the comment for the manipulation tactic that it appears to be, and Sarah is offered a rose, before the women are told they will be heading to Vienna, Austria.

Follow along here for the rest of Ohio University alum Rachel's journey for love every Tuesday, with a recap following the airing of The Bachelor on Monday nights on ABC.

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