In the new NBC series, The Brave, an elite undercover military team battles the bad guys with the help, back home, of intelligence analysts headed by Anne Heche.

“We are their guides,” Heche said. “We are their eyes. We are their ears. And their source of knowledge.”

Two weeks before cameras ever started rolling on the pilot episode, the cast who make up the military team met for the first time in the Moroccan desert at dawn for a boot camp run by former Navy SEAL Mikal Vega.

“I wanted to put them under strain so that we break down the ego a little bit, and I can expose weaknesses in front of their peers and then provide opportunities where they can shore each other up,” said Vega.

The actors are still training, spending hours in the gym, practicing flanking maneuvers, and developing the tightest team chemistry veteran actor Mike Vogel says he's ever seen.

“Nothing unites people like pain and suffering,” laughed Vogel.

It's all about authenticity and honoring the men and women who really do put their lives on the line.

“We want to do everything we possibly can to fight for these stories and make them as authentic as possible to do these heroes justice,” Vogel said.

While the pilot episode was shot in Morocco, every other episode of The Brave has been shot in and around Albuquerque, which doubles as Spain, Mexico, Ukraine even Paris.

Anne Heche bought a house outside Albuquerque where she hosts what she calls “Sunday Fun Days” for the cast.

“She had like five metric tons of steak and meat and so many other things,” said co-star Sofia Pernas about a recent barbecue.

It's the “many other things” that concern the cast playing the military team. Vega is also keep an eye on their diet.

“I am currently on a regimen where I am not eating dairy, wheat, sugar and I am counting my macronutrients and there is a lot of protein,” said co-star Natacha Karam.

Everyone seems to be counting calories, except Noah Mills, the Dolce and Gabbana model who eats dessert while the rest of the cast abstain.

“I need my sweets,” laughed Mills.

“We're not sure if he is completely human yet,” said Vogel. “We think Dolce and Gabbana might have turned him into some sort of cyborg that burns fat well in his 30s.”

The Brave airs Mondays at 10PM on NBC