CLEVELAND -- Downtown Cleveland is gearing up to usher in the new year, riding a lot of energy and success from 2015.

This will be the first New Year's Eve for many of the restaurants and bars in the Cleveland's Flats as many opened up this year. 

Crop Rocks will be featuring a "Funk Night" to ring in the new year by playing 1970's music. The place boasts more than 20,000 albums. The place has an original, 1950's Juke box that plays vinyl records.

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The chef-restaurateur owner, Steve Schimoler, behind the successful Crop on West 25th Street, opened two other venues, Crop Stix, an Asian fusion restaurant, and On-Air: The Studio is, what Schimoler calls, a completely unique concept in what the next generation of restaurant entertainment can be for customer interaction.

Steve Schimoler, says he's ready for whatever the new year brings him.

"2015 for me just evaporated. There was so much going on. It was such a great year, so much positive stuff happening in Cleveland, especially with the re-opening of the Flats. In 2016, Cleveland owns the world," Schimoler said. 

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