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104-year-old great-great-grandmother recovers from COVID-19

When 104-year-old Eva Wilson was diagnosed with COVID-19, her family prepared for the worst, while she prepared to live through the second pandemic of her lifetime.

LITTLETON, Colo. — Living to be 104 years old is already a feat. Living through not one, but two pandemics is pretty extraordinary. 

But being diagnosed with the novel coronavirus at 104 years old and recovering – that's inspirational. 

That's certainly how Eva Wilson's family feels about it.

"If she can make it through this with the grace that she has," said Tim Wilson, one of her five grandchildren, "there is hope and optimism on the other side. That’s why we wanted to share this story."

Two children, five grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild as of this year; Eva Wilson has a lot to live for. 

So when she tested positive for COVID-19 toward the end of April, her family feared her 105th birthday might not come. 

"We basically were preparing for the worst," Tim Wilson said.  

But Eva Wilson's health has always been impressive. When she was 100, she broke her hip. Her grandson remembers the hospital visit well. 

"They asked her for her medical records when she went into the hospital and we didn't have any medical records. She didn't have any medical records," Tim Wilson said. "They said, 'Well, she's been around for 100 years, of course she has medical records.'" 

It turns out, the last time she had been to the hospital was 75 years prior when she gave birth to her second child, a baby girl. 

Needless to say, Eva Wilson is a very special great-great-grandmother. Her family is adamant about that. 

They're also especially grateful to the nurses at Sunrise at Orchard, her assisted living facility in Centennial, who have been there for the matriarch of the Wilson family when they couldn't be.

"Those caregivers were the family for us when we couldn't be the family," Tim Wilson said. "They’re putting themselves and their family at risk to take care of what could be perceived as a total stranger or somebody else’s family."

Overcoming coronavirus at 104 years old is inspirational. For Eva Wilson, it's one more day with her family. 

"Just when you feel she can't give anymore, she keeps on giving and keeps on inspiring," her grandson said. "That's grandma."


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