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3News' Russ Mitchell asks: 'Deal or no deal?' on working from home forever following Twitter announcement

Would you want to stay working at home, even after your office has the all-clear to bring its employees back? Or are you itching to see your co-workers again?

On Tuesday, Twitter made the announcement that its employees will be allowed to work from home indefinitely, even after the COVID-19 pandemic ends. 

"Opening offices will be our decision, when and if our employees come back, will be theirs, Jennifer Christie, Twitter's vice president of people, wrote on the company's blog.  

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We were curious to see what you thought about this policy. Would you want to stay working at home, even after your office has the all-clear to bring its employees back? Or are you itching to see your co-workers again?

Russ asked simply "Deal or no deal?" about this topic on his Facebook page. Here's a look at some of your responses:

Lisa Francis-Szalek: "I knew this was coming. We're wondering if our company will do the same thing. If a lot of companies downtown do this, it will be the beginning of the end of businesses in downtown! Sad because I love working downtown. And what about the businesses that support the companies downtown and restaurants??"

Alex P. Michaels: "Certain organizations can take this move, but not everyone can work from home. While a newsroom can work from home, a dramatic TV series can not. A restaurant can not work from home and hundreds of other businesses that require people to come into them. "The New Normal" will guarantee the survival of some and the demise of others."

Linda Zeiter: "I have been loving working from home and sincerely hope my employer allows us to stay home more after this is over! I'll be happy to go in a couple days a week, or alternate weeks, but the idea of crawling out of bed and dragging myself through traffic to sit at a desk has lost appeal."

Monica C Rus: "Well I'm working from home until September, the upside is that I can wear shorts and tank tops all summer, but that doesn't beat seeing your coworkers 😢"

Mike Lupole: "Hard pass. Primarily worked from home for six weeks and wasn’t a fan. I like getting away and going to the office. The first week was fun but that was it."

We also got plenty of responses on the 3News Facebook site. 

Leslie Penrod: "I can’t wait to be back in my office, I love my kiddos and my home but I need my professional time too. My clients also get a lot more out of sessions in my office."

Erika Mayer Kolecki: "I’ve worked from home for years and it greatly helps me balance my life with busy kids and online college. Im willing to give more to my company when they give me the opportunity to balance my life better."

Amy Baughman Lloyd: "I always work from home. But this is definitely not an arrangement for everyone. People who are used to daily in person interaction are going to need to get back to that at some point or their mental health will suffer."

Heather Micozzi Continue to work from home. I love it. Commute is great, saving a ton of money, quiet, less stress, more productive. Hope my company continues with remote working. 💚💚💚 

Thanks for your thoughts. Judging by your responses, it seems that for many of you, it would indeed be a 'deal' to be working at home moving forward. We'll continue to follow this and see if more companies duplicate the move by Twitter. 

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