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Concerns about the coronavirus' impact on pregnant women

There's a lot of questions about the impact of the coronavirus, especially when it comes to the health of a mom and her unborn child.

3News has received a lot of questions about the coronavirus. One of the most frequently asked questions is how the virus will impact a pregnant woman and her unborn child.     

This is something that even 3News' anchor Sara Shookman is asking her own doctor. She is due to have her first child with husband Angelo this May.

While there is limited information out there about the coronavirus' effects on pregnancy, researchers say it is reassuring. 

The data shows there's very little risk of mom passing a COVID-19 infection to the baby. There's no finding of it in breast milk, either. 

 While that's good news, University Hospitals' Dr. Ellie Ragsdale says, pregnant women are more susceptible to infections.

"I think if there's someone else that can go out in the house, to go to the grocery store, to pick up food, to put gas in the car, it should be someone else, instead of the pregnant woman," Ragsdale said. "

There are lots of jobs that can be done from home, but there are jobs that can't be done from home, and at this moment, we're not recommending that pregnant women, who need to go to work, because they're nurses or they are physicians, avoid going to work at this time."

Pregnant women should continue routine care with their doctors, and shouldn't expect to change their birth plans. If you have symptoms, your OB should be your first call, to see whether testing is appropriate.

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