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Coronavirus impacting Apple's business, wedding industry

The virus is closing factories, impacting trade worldwide.

The coronavirus is still a major concern in China, but now American industries are warning people to expect shortages in popular products.

If you want to upgrade your iPhone, you may want to do it sooner than later. The world’s largest tech giant, Apple, admits that because of the coronavirus, it expects a strain on production of iPhones and other Apple products that are made in China. 

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The Apple investor update said “Work is starting to resume around the country, but we are experiencing a slower return to normal conditions than we had anticipated.

The coronavirus is also hitting the wedding dress industry. Betzaida James owns Carina’s Bridal in Florida, and says the concerns over ordering a wedding dress are valid.

"A lot of the factories or most bridal designers are in China and a few of the factories have had to close during this whole outbreak," says James.
The dress factory closure will affect tens of thousands of summer and fall brides who want a particular dress.

"What that means is delays, some pretty big delays."

So if you're engaged, you may want to shop for your dress NOW to make sure it arrives in time for your big day -- so you don’t hear that your dress is stuck in China.

Bride-to-be Annastasia Terwilliger says it’s a scary thought to imagine her future wedding dress in limbo.

"I'd probably be crushed. If it was that dream dress and it made me cry, I'd probably be crushed," says Terwilliger.

So even though coronavirus is mostly a health concern, its clearly having worldwide impacts on trade.

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