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Coronavirus is driving down the price of flights

How to stay safe if you take advantage of cheap flights.

CLEVELAND — If you’re willing to travel right now, there are some great deals. As the prices of flights drop due to coronavirus concerns, Dr. Keith Armitage, the Medical Director for the UH Roe Green Center for Travel Medicine & Global Health says there are safety precautions you can take when you travel.

“Washing your hands or using hand sanitizer before you’ve touched any surface in a public area is a good idea. On the airplane, wiping down the tray table, wiping down the arm rest may decrease the risk. That’s a recommendation we have,” says Dr. Armitage.

If you travel, you also don’t need to wear a mask.

“If someone has a cough and need to go out in the public, for them, I think wearing a mask is a good idea. For people who are completely well, wearing a mask is not necessary at this time,” says Dr. Armitage.

Spirit Airlines is known for its low fares. Right now you can get a round trip deal to Atlanta, Los Angeles, or Tampa for less than $120. And it’s less than $60 if you’re part of its membership club.

But these cheap flights and fewer bookings are hitting the airline industry hard. Many carriers are enacting a freeze on hiring, reducing the number of flights domestically and internationally.

If you decide to book a cheap flight, remember when you check into your hotel, wipe down the remote, and keep up the same hygiene practices to avoid the coronavirus.

“I think at a hotel I would wash your hands frequently, or use hand sanitizer frequently and try to be mindful,” says Dr. Armitage.

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