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Gov. Mike DeWine: Ohio will receive more than 420,000 COVID-19 vaccines by Christmas

On Tuesday, Governor Mike DeWine revealed that Ohio is set to receive more than 420,000 coronavirus vaccines in the coming weeks.

CEDARVILLE, Ohio — Editor's note: the video from the player above is from Dec. 14, 2020.

As Ohio begins to issue its first round of coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines, Governor Mike DeWine has provided an update on how many doses can be expected to be distributed in the coming weeks.

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At a press briefing on Tuesday, DeWine shared that the Buckeye State is expected to receive 123,000 doses of Pfizer's vaccine and 201,900 doses of Moderna's vaccine next week. When combined with the 98,475 doses of the Pfizer vaccine that Ohio received this week, the state will have received more than 420,000 coronavirus vaccines by Christmas Day (next Friday).

Additionally, DeWine revealed that Ohio is expecting to receive 148,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine and 89,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine during the week of New Year's. Ohio began distributing the coronavirus vaccine on Monday, with frontline workers being the first to receive it. The vaccine is expected to be distributed to nursing homes beginning later this week.

"I'm also pleased to announce, today, that the CDC has invited Ohio to participate in early scale launch of vaccines in nursing homes," Governor DeWine said on Monday. "We had been scheduled to start this on the 21st of the month -- that would be Monday-- Monday, December 21, in partnership with pharmacy providers. But, as part of this scaled approach, Ohio will begin vaccination in five-to-ten nursing homes, starting this Friday."

You can watch Governor DeWine's full press briefing in the video below.