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Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine calls rumor of FEMA camps 'ridiculous'

At his daily press briefing on Thursday, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine addressed rumors of an order allowing mandatory quarantining in FEMA camps.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine made it clear he prefers not to discuss rumors.

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But at his press briefing on Tuesday, the governor was willing to make an exception, calling rumors that Ohio plans to enact an order forcing those who have tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19) into mandatory FEMA camps or shelters "crazy" and "ridiculous."

Rather, DeWine stated, Ohio has approved funding to create safe housing options for those recovering from the coronavirus. He insisted, however, that the state has not and will not force anybody to do so, including children, as some internet rumors have inaccurately claimed.

"This order does not create FEMA camps to force people to quarantine against their will," DeWine said, referring to the funding to create such safe housing options for first responders, health workers and those working with COVID-19 positive patients.

DeWine also added: "Our order really just creates a funding mechanism to allow this to happen. I am aware there are rumors on the internet that incorrectly claim these orders allow children to be separated from their parents without permission. Let me just say this is absolutely ridiculous. It is not true. There is no intention anyone has to separate children. But somehow, this has been reported on the internet.

"No truth to the rumors at all. Families will not be separated, children will not be taken away from their loved ones. Having quarantine housing options gives people the choice when they need it for a safe comfortable place to recover from the virus. Or, in the case of our health folks, it gives them a place to shelter. It gives them a place to be so they don't have to go home and it to their family."


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