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Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine tells 3News' Russ Mitchell he'll address COVID-19 policies this week

Speaking to 3News' Russ Mitchell, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said he'll address potential changes to the state's coronavirus policies later this week.

CLEVELAND — As Ohio's coronavirus (COVID-19) numbers continue to surge to record highs, perhaps the biggest question facing Governor Mike DeWine is how -- if at all -- will he adjust the state's pandemic-related policies?

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Appearing on What's New on Tuesday evening, Gov. DeWine told 3News' Russ Mitchell that he'll be addressing just that on Thursday and Friday later this week.

"What we're trying to do, frankly, is get people to understand the gravity of what we're seeing here," DeWine said, noting that the state has seen a significant rise in new daily cases and positivity rate over the past month. "The spread is in every single county. In the rural counties as well as the urban counties. We're looking at other things that we can do and we'll be talking about that on Thursday and Friday."

DeWine, however, noted that instituting new policies could be a complicated matter. While he noted that the virus is spreading virtually everywhere, the governor said that it's predominantly spreading at personal gatherings among friends and family.

"We're thinking somehow, frankly, how to impact people in their private lives and that is not something that government does very well," DeWine said. "And it's not something that government should do very well."

DeWine's comments come on the same day that Ohio set a new daily high record with 4,229 coronavirus cases. In addition to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, DeWine also discussed Tuesday's Presidential Election between President Donald J. Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

You can watch the full interview in the YouTube video player below.

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