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Did Ohio get it right? Washington Post explores Ohio's coronavirus preparedness in new article

It's still too early to tell how the virus will ultimately affect the state, but the article called Ohio's handling of the pandemic, 'textbook.'

COLUMBUS, Ohio — In a new article released Thursday evening, the Washington Post highlighted how Ohio's coronavirus preparedness has put it ahead of the curve, literally. 

At least for now.

The article, titled in part "Did Ohio get it right?", the Post looked at how major decisions — such as the cancellation of the Arnold Classic in Columbus, and the closing of schools earlier than most states — have so far resulted in fewer coronavirus cases and deaths than other similarly sized states. 

Just a few days ago, Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton projected that the peak in the state could reach as many as 1,600 new coronavirus cases per day, which is down from 10,000 a day in a previous model. Now, the Cleveland Clinic is sending healthcare workers to other states like Michigan and New York to help overburdened systems.

One big factor in the preparedness, according to the article, is the cooperation between major health facilities in Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, with experts tracking the spread of the virus as early as January.

Experts are also praising how seriously Ohioans have taken medical experts' recommendations when it comes to preventing the spread of coronavirus.

Ultimately it's too early to predict how the virus will continue to spread in this state and in others. Experts quoted in the article conclude that the only way to sustain Ohio's lack of spread, is to continue on the path it's on.


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