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Do you wear a mask when you go to the store? Social media weighs in

Are you wearing face coverings when you do your essential shopping? Most of you said yes.

CLEVELAND — There has been no shortage of controversy surrounding the wearing of face coverings this week as Ohio prepares to reopen its economy. 

On Monday, Gov. DeWine ordered that both employees and customers at stores must wear masks once businesses resume operations. Then on Tuesday, he reversed his decision, saying while wearing masks or face coverings is still recommended, it will no longer be mandatory.

We posted the following social graphic on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram asking if you are wearing masks when you go to do your essential shopping. 

We got a sample of what you had to say on Facebook. 

Charlotte Pryor Yes. And gloves! I care about the health of me and my family - and of you and yours. I will be in the store for a fraction of the time an employee will be in there. It is unconscionable for me to potentially bring pathogens in for employees or others to bathe in during their time in that store. It is the smallest inconvenience.

Julie Cline-Wilson Yes bc I at least touch my face 5 times in the store without thinking about it and wearing my mask will remind me not to touch my face.

Jeff Stull No one wears a mask every year when there's flu and you could be a Carrier also then.

Carol Harley Carter NO I get panic attacks which could trigger my vertigo !!!!!!!!!!! Can't do it !!!

Mike Lupole Yes and I hate it but a bit of inconvenience is fine with me.

Veronica Walters I have a cloth one that I carry with me in case a store makes me wear one, other than that no.

Dennis J Miller Nope and if I’m not required to wear one I’m not going to

Norm Pearson No but will now out of consideration for the employees

Here's what you had to say on Twitter: 

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