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Dr. Acton asks Ohioans to keep coronavirus safety precautions in mind while protesting

'I see lots of pictures of folks trying to do it safely.'

COLUMBUS, Ohio — When asked if he was concerned about a potential increase in COVID-19 as people gather closely together to protest the death of George Floyd, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine was very brief with his response.

“The answer is yes,” he responded during his Tuesday press conference before asking Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton to offer more insight.

Dr. Acton encouraged Ohioans to continue practicing their First Amendment right while protesting as safely as possible by protecting themselves and others from spreading coronavirus.

“It will be weeks before we know what impact this might be having,” Dr. Acton said while adding she has seen “lots of pictures of folks trying to do it safely.”

Protests and demonstrations have filled the streets in cities across America for several days with calls for justice in Floyd’s death.

You can watch this part of Tuesday's press conference in the player below: