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'Let's commit to act on love, not hate': Dr. Amy Acton calls for kindness as COVID-19 surges in Ohio

Dr. Amy Acton, former Health Director for the state, is asking people to come together and be kind to one another.

Former Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton released a video on Friday, calling for people to come together with kindness and not let our guard down against the coronavirus.

Dr. Acton, now the director of Kind Columbus, said the stress of the pandemic can impact the health and well-being of everyone around us.

"When we are stressed out over long periods of time, it wears us down, lowers our immune system. It makes us more vulnerable to illness and more prone to getting sick, as well as getting into conflict with others," said Acton.

Acton said being kind to others can reduce all the negative effects.

"Let's commit to act on love, not hate. Let us act on kindness and not fear," Acton said.

Acton also added people are facing fear during the pandemic and that it is more insidious than just the virus.

"Fear paralyzes us and leaves us turning inward and away from one another. It prevents us from being there to support each other," said Acton.

Acton reiterated the call for people to practice social distancing and wear their masks to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

On June 11, DeWine announced that Dr. Acton would be stepping down as director of the Ohio Department of Health saying she told him it was time. She continued to work with DeWine as an adviser with the state until Aug. 4.

You can watch Dr. Amy Acton's full video below.

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