COLUMBUS, Ohio — As Wednesday's COVID-19 briefing started at the Ohio Statehouse, Gov. Mike DeWine gave way to his wife Fran. Ohio's First Lady offered some comforting notes and thoughts during her remarks.

"I do see people coming together and wanting to help," Fran DeWine began. "We're all in this together." 

DeWine pointed out that groups of women are gathering together to make personal face masks out of cloth. While they are not what hospitals need, but they can help prevent the spread of germs. 

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Next, Fran DeWine discussed how she is still able to do activities with her grandchildren, despite the need for social distancing because of the coronavirus. 

"It's a frustrating time for me because I like to be with my grandkids and I'm trying to keep my distance from them. But I've been dropping off little gift bags of crafts that we can make together," she told the briefing. 

DeWine mentioned that she and her family are also enjoying sharing pictures and writing letters despite being apart from each other. She has also been making recipes! During the briefing she mentioned black bean soup that she made for her and her husband, plus an Italian soup. 

Here was one from Tuesday from the First Lady for brownies:

At the close of her remarks, Fran DeWine offered some heartfelt words about family. "What we really have to think about is the memories we make for our kids. How is this going to be remembered in 10 or 20 years? What will our children say? Think about what it's going to be like for your kids. Is this going to be a special time?"

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