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Former Cuyahoga County commissioner Jimmy Dimora tests positive for COVID-19 at FCI Elkton

His legal team confirmed the news Sunday.

ELKTON, Ohio — Former Cuyahoga County commissioner, Jimmy Dimora has tested positive for the coroanvirus (COVID-19), according to his legal team. 

In a letter to Mark Williams, the warden at Elkton Prison, the Mills Law Office LLC says they are "disappointed that this occurred."

" We want to ensure he receives proper medical care. We ask that you keep us informed of his condition, including any progression of his symptoms," the letter read. 

Since April, Dimora's legal team has worked to get him released from the prison. Efforts for his release increased after his was  included in a list of more than 830 inmates that were considered “medically vulnerable” and could potentially be released or transferred because of the COVID19 outbreak.

Elkton is one of several prisons across the U.S. that has been gravely impacted by the pandemic. According to Mills Law Office, nine inmates at Elkton have died from the disease.

"We, along with his family and friends, are concerned," the letter continued. 

Dimora, 64, was convicted in 2012 on 31 corruption charges. He's currently serving a 28-year sentence at Elkton Prison. 

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