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'Our ticket to freedom is the vaccine'; Gov. DeWine says the only way to have a 'good summer' is to get vaccinated

Governor DeWine made the comments during his Thursday afternoon press conference.

TOLEDO, Ohio — On Thursday, Ohio Gov. Mike Dewine said that the only way he sees a "good summer" ahead for Ohioans is to do their part and get one of the coronavirus vaccines. 

"Our ticket to freedom is the vaccine," Gov. DeWine stated. "Our ticket to a good summer is the vaccine, our ticket to a good spring is the vaccine-- it's our ticket out." 

DeWine went on to elaborate that he is especially referring to younger Ohioans who may be hesitant to receive the vaccine due to a lack of concern with getting the coronavirus. 

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"I think if young people look at this as-- this is your ticket to freedom. This is your ticket to visit your grandmother, it's your ticket to travel, it's your ticket to do all kinds of things. And if we look at it that way, I think we have a great shot of getting enough people vaccinated."

DeWine also urged parents with underage children to work on finding their teenager an appointment, 'if you have a child that is 16 or over, time to get the child vaccinated," DeWine said.

The Ohio Governor also told reporters that he does still see a good summer ahead, at this time, but that it will all come down to execution, including 'wearing the masks' and 'pushing the vaccine out.'

"We have to stay on defense, which means we have to wear the masks," Gov. DeWine said Thursday. "Ohioans have done a phenomenal job for a number, a number of months, that makes a difference. We just have to do this a little longer." 

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You can watch the full 2 p.m. press briefing with Gov. DeWine in the player below:


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