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Gov. Mike DeWine says new COVID-19 health orders are coming, could be announced as soon as Monday

New guidance from the Ohio Department of Health will be for Ohio school districts.

Ohio could be following new COVID-19 orders as soon as tomorrow, according to comments made by Governor Mike DeWine.

The orders would be a direct result of rising cases as the highly contagious delta variant continues to threaten those who aren’t vaccinated.

“We want kids in the classroom,” Summit County’s Public Health Commissioner, Donna Skoda, said.

The countdown to the classroom is ticking quickly, and so is the rate at which the fourth wave of COVID-19 is spreading.

“Delta [variant] is very, very contagious and it is spreading far more than the other COVID did, any of the other variants,” Skoda said.

Catching this variant most are those who aren’t vaccinated, including children, health professional said

The FDA has still not approved a vaccine for kids under the age of twelve.

With a mix of vaccination statuses expected to hit the classroom soon the cause for concern is growing.

In mid-May, the CDC announced that if you were fully vaccinated you could take a mask off and still be protected, but as the delta variant continues to spread, you may be required to put a mask back on despite your vaccination status.

“We’re going to have guidance out probably Monday from the department of health,” Gov. DeWine told our sister station, WBNS.

Concern of the fast spreading variant is not just in Ohio. Dr. Anthony Fauci said Sunday that the United State is “headed in the wrong direction.”

"50 percent of the country is not fully vaccinated, that's a problem, particularly when you have a variant like delta,” Fauci said.

Skoda told 3News Sunday in order to keep kids in the classroom, taking all precautions against the contagious virus is what needs to happen.

“I do believe that is the safest. It’s going to be important that we follow those public health measures,” Skoda said. “We all have to understand that it’s a public health measure that isn’t political.”

For a list of the current COVID-19 mask and health policies school districts in Northeast Ohio are following, click here.

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