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Local doctor reminds Ohioans to wash their hands during coronavirus outbreak with Burma Shave-styled road message

The friendly reminder is on Sommers and Baumgartner Roads in Kidron

KIDRON, Ohio — As the coronavirus continues to spread throughout Ohio, we've been reminding you how important it is to wash your hands regularly, and properly.

Now, a local doctor is offering his friendly reminder to drivers down Sommers and Baumgartner Roads in Kidron. 

Dr. Patrick Dunster is head of the Emergency Room at Barnesville Hospital. He used inspiration from old Burma Shave roadside ads as inspiration for his message to locals.

As you drive down the road the message reads:

  • "Roses are red.
  • Violets are blue.
  • If you wash your hands, 
  • No virus for you!"

Followed by a quote from Winston Churchill "Stay strong and carry on."

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