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Moderna starts recruiting volunteers for COVID-19 vaccine, including at Beachwood test site

Velocity Clinical Research, with a site located in Beachwood, is one of the companies conducting the clinical trials.

BEACHWOOD, Ohio — Moderna needs 30,000 volunteers, and if you qualify, you could be one of the first to potentially get the new COVID-19 vaccine.

But that's just one of five vaccines that need testers.

"That's a big number but when you multiply that out, and five is currently where we are, there will be more our estimate is there's going to be a need by the end of the year a need of about 250,000 patients," says Dr. Paul Evans, President and CEO of Velocity Clinical Research. 

Velocity Clinical Research is one of the companies conducting the clinical trials for Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, and Pfizer among others.  

They have test sites in Beachwood and Cincinnati. (formerly known as Rapid Medical Research) 

Those interested in participating can contact them below.

  • 3619 Park E Dr, Beachwood, Located in: Parkway Medical Center 
  • Phone: (216) 682-0320
  • Website: velocityclinical.com

“We are moving very quickly but we're not cutting corners, that's really important, there's no way the FDA is going to allow corners to be cut and patients to be put at risk because these trials are all about safety and efficacy in that order,” Dr. Evans said.

Patients are already signing up. Half will get the vaccine, the other half will not. No one knows who gets what. But results should come in soon.

“They're powered to show a result very quickly indeed with relatively small numbers of patients getting active covid 19 disease,” Dr. Evans said.  

FDA requires all vaccines to be at least 50% effective to receive approval.  Is it possible that one will be available by Christmas?

"It's possible but is it a slam dunk? Certainly not, there are too many unknowns still out there," Dr. Evans said.

What is known is that volunteers are needed. In addition to a small stipend, the chance of protection should be a driving reason.

“There isn't really an alternative at this point so while you only have a 50 percent chance of getting the active vaccine in one of these studies, outside of these studies you have no chance of a vaccine, there isn't one," Dr. Evans said.

Patients will get two vaccines, the first and then another 29 days later.  They will be monitored for at least one year.

Learn more about the study here.

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