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Northeast Ohioans share signs of hope and support

Northeast Ohio is spreading joy through art.

Northeast Ohioans are spreading happiness and joy during these tough times.

Their medium: Chalk. Their canvas: Neighborhood sidewalks.

West Park neighborhood has encouraged residents to write positive messages on driveways and sidewalks using chalk. And, residents are encouraged to walk outside and look at other messages written by their neighbors.

Credit: WKYC

And, while kids are home from school and some parents are juggling working from home, caregivers are turning to sidewalk art into educational games and fitness workouts. For example, some art chalk pieces encourage kids to sing a song, recite the ABCs or do jumping jacks.

Credit: WKYC

And businesses are also spreading messages of joy and happiness. Cleveland Public Theatre has put signs up on their building that state, "art is essential," and "compassion and consciousness."

Credit: WKYC

This is one more example of the strength, resiliency and creativity of our community. Check out some more photos below:

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