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Ohio looking at plans for youth and adult sports amid coronavirus

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said on Monday that the state is looking at options for reopening to youth and adult sports.

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the sports world -- from youth to professional athletics -- has been on hold since mid-March.

But as the summer months approach, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said that the state has assembled a group to look at possibilities for the reopening of adult and youth recreational sports.

“It’s important that young people have something to do during the summer. It's important that people be able to plan," DeWine said. "We certainly have a group that is working right now on these issues in regard to youth and adult sports. We hope to have something out fairly shortly as far as guidance."

DeWine said that the state isn't looking to micromanage the return of youth sports or day camps, but rather provide guidance for safe reopenings. Ohio has taken a similar approach in reopening industries such as bars, restaurants and retail and has other working groups in place to focus on gyms, outdoor recreation, gaming and casinos.

As for when a date will be set permitting the return of youth and adult sports in Ohio, that remains unclear. But DeWine sounded optimistic that by the time summer approaches, Ohioans won't be sitting on the sideline.

"We know that we're now in May and people are planning for the summer," DeWine said. "These are all very important."

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