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Purell parent company, Akron-based GOJO Industries announces plans to hire 250 new employees in coming months

The company also announced the debut of a new product later this year

AKRON, Ohio — As concerns skyrocket over the health and safety of families amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Akron-based company GOJO Industries has announced a renewed commitment to the manufacturing of sanitization-products within the United States. 

That commitment also includes the creation of more jobs.

On Thursday, President and CEO of GOJO Industries, Carey Jaros, issued a statement detailing the company's commitment to safe products that keep families around the country healthy. 

"For us at GOJO, nothing is as important than making sure that everywhere from classrooms and restaurants, to hospitals and homes have access to the highest quality formulations of hand sanitizer" Jaros said in the statement, "in line with our GOJO Purpose of Saving Lives and Making Life Better, never have we felt more responsibility to deliver on this promise."

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The FDA has issued warnings, alerts, and bans on more than 100 hand sanitizers for being unsafe or ineffective, including products contaminated with methanol (also known as wood alcohol) and 1-propanol, both toxic ingredients.

The company announced that in addition to investing millions into their facilities, they have ramped up production dedicated to the Purell Surface Spray.

"We worked with our suppliers to dramatically increase raw materials and component supplies and implemented creative partnerships with other companies who have directed bottles and caps our way.," the president and CEO wrote, "additionally, we plan to hire more than 250 team members over the coming months." 

GOJO also says they have spent the preceding months shipping more than 1 billion hand sanitizers each week across North America, and that they do not intend to slow down anytime soon. 


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