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Sherrod Brown, other senators share their concerns over coronavirus-related scams targeting seniors

They are requesting information on what the Federal Trade Commission is doing to make certain that seniors are protected from coronavirus related scams.

WASHINGTON — In a letter addressed to the Federal Trade Commission Chairman Joseph Simons, Ohio U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown and 33 of his colleagues from both sides of the aisle are asking the Federal Trade Commission to keep seniors protected from coronavirus-related scams.

Recently, there has been an increase in these scams, and the letter outlines a couple of ways that the FTC can help. This would include taking additional action to educate seniors on the topic and offer information on recourse options to victims.

In the letter, senators wrote, in part:

"At this time of heightened public fears, reports have highlighted that scams pertaining to the coronavirus are increasing, and that seniors—arguably the most vulnerable population to both the coronavirus and bad actors—have been targeted with calls telling them that the COVID-19 vaccination is ready when no such treatment currently exists...Other reports have outlined how scammers have gone to the homes of elderly people to administer fake tests while also charging them and obtaining their social security numbers. Although the FTC has sent warning letters to seven sellers of fraudulent COVID-19 treatments, we are concerned that further action is needed to protect the financial wellbeing of seniors—who lose an estimated $3 billion annually from financial scams."

Cuyahoga County has also warned of scams, the most recent being from people who are allegedly trying to get citizens to give them their personal information in exchange for the soon-to-be-sent government stimulus checks.

Read the senators' entire letter below:

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