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Social media reacts to Gov. DeWine decision not to require face coverings

There were no shortage of opinions about the governor's decision to reverse course about mandating face coverings.

CLEVELAND — To mask or not to mask? 

After mandating that both customers and employees wear face coverings when Ohio reopens its economy, Gov. Mike DeWine announced that he has changed course. 

At his daily press briefing on Tuesday, DeWine said that while wearing masks or face coverings is still recommended, it will no longer be mandatory when Ohio begins reopening its economy Friday. DeWine said he came to this conclusion after listening to feedback and understanding that some people didn't like the idea of being forced to wear something they don't want to and found it "offensive."

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"For retail customers, this is not going to be mandated," DeWine said. "It is best practices... I've heard you and we're not going to mandate this. We're going to leave it up to the individual customer."

DeWine reiterated that wearing masks remains a "strong recommendation."

You had no shortage of opinions on social media when the requirement was first announced on Monday. Let's get a sample of how you have reacted to this change by the governor. 

Here are some of your comments on Twitter:

Here's what you had to say on Facebook:

"Totally disgusted with this ! Wear a mask ! Saves lives!" -- Marcie Pitinii Stanley

"Grrr! People are not wearing masks and not maintaining distance. Grocery shopping is stressful trying to avoid people. I do not live where grocery delivery is an option. Trust me that is what I would do." -- Cheryl Lauer 

"Well looks like our curve isn't going to stay flattened for long." -- Kimberly Holcomb 

"It should be up to the individual if they want to wear one or not!!" -- Toni Sluka

"I'm all for wearing a mask to help save lives, however, shouldn't this have been a mandate weeks ago? Seems like we are a bit behind the ball personally." -- Joey Fields

"Let businesses decide if they want customers without masks. Employers protect your employees!" -- Shelley Stevens

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