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Social media reacts to Gov. Mike DeWine's plan to reopen Ohio

The first part of the plan will be to resume health procedures that do not require overnight hospital stays on Friday.

CLEVELAND — On Monday, Governor Mike DeWine rolled out Phase 1 of his plan to reopen Ohio's economy with the state's COVID-19 fortunes improving. 

On May 1, all health procedures that do not require an overnight hospital stay can resume. Dentists and veterinarians can also resume on Friday.

On May 4, manufacturing, distribution, and construction will be opened up. Also, general office environments are being allowed to reopen on that day. However, DeWine says the state still wants people to work from home as much as possible.

Consumer and retail stores can reopen on May 12. Restaurants, gyms, daycare centers, barbershops and salons will be among the businesses that will temporarily remain closed. 

What did you have to say about the governor's plan? We took a look at social media to get your thoughts. 

Here's our poll that we put out shortly after the announcement. (There's plenty of time for you to vote!)

Naturally, a lot of you had questions about occupations/situations that weren't addressed in the briefing. 

Many of you voiced strong opinions about the requirement for employees as well as customers to wear masks.

Here was a sample of what you had to say on Facebook:

"Seems very reasonable and well thought out. I disagree with the governor on a lot of policy, but he's been a great leader dealing with the pandemic." -- Laurent West

"If you have a problem wearing the mask, YOU SHOULD STAY AT HOME! -- Kirk Renshaw

"I don't understand why wearing a face mask in public sets some peoples soul on fire." -- Lisa Albrecht

"I could care less about my nails and hair. But I don't like this hold the government has on us. We need to get back out and live our lives, but we will be on some sort of stay at home order for the next 6-12 months just because they can." -- Nikki Russell

"This plan is more cautious and conservative than I would like tbh ,but this is the way to go also. Eventually, I’m sure the “fun” stuff will follow before the month is over with." -- William Durrell Netherly 

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