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Social media reacts to Ohio reopening several businesses and services

Ohio's gyms, fitness centers, pools, and child care are among those businesses eligible to reopen later this month.

CLEVELAND — On Thursday, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine and Lt. Gov. Jon Husted made a flurry of announcements regarding the reopening of certain businesses and services in the state.

If you're scoring at home, here was the list:

  • Campgrounds – May 21
  • Horse Racing -- May 22
  • Gyms and Fitness Centers – May 26
  • Pools – May 26
  • Ohio BMV – May 26
  • Low-contact or non-contact sports -- May 26
  • Childcare – May 31
  • Day Camps – May 31

In each case, there are specific guidelines and protocols laid out by the state. For instance, horse racing will not include spectators. 

After DeWine and Husted's series of announcements, you let us know what you thought on social media. Here's a sample of what you had to say. 


Shelly Gwinn Mettler "Really afraid at some of these openings! I realize has to be done.. but so worried with day care being in too!"

Kristen Lee Santomen "This is terrible. What happened to open up slowly? I really think it got to him excuse me, (the people ) also some people think it was nothing this is a virus not your normal flu. I'll be the one who will not go to these places because il'll be following the rules that was first in place. I'll be buying a baby pool and enjoy my summer."

Johnny Lawrence "Horse racing, but you’re not allowed to attend or bet on them. But the horses can still run in circles."

Dan Ryan "Now we just need entertainment venues and we will be all set."

Robbin Catanese "Businesses should have the right to open with safety guidelines. And people have the right to decide whether they want to go to them or not. My mother who is elderly will continue to stay home while myself and my family who are healthy are going back to work. This is America we should be free to choose. We can protect our vulnerable and at risk citizens by keeping them home and safe while others who are able and willing to work go to work."

Bert Csizek "This to me is beyond foolish. Open gyms where people are huffing and puffing and sweating all over the place. Yeah, sounds like a clean safe environment."

Linda Waechter "I agree with those who want to go to the gyms. I personally am not sure if I want to go to a gym right now, but why should I be bothered if someone else goes? My brother and my husband will be at the gyms and I won’t. It’s personal preference. I’m glad they opened."


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