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The struggle is real! 3News' Betsy Kling and daughter dance it out to shake off remote-schooling fatigue

We want to know how you are handling the added stress from the remote school year.

CLEVELAND — Feeling the stress of a remote-learning school year? You are not alone. 

3News' Chief Meteorologist Betsy Kling posted a video on Monday showing off her dance party with Violette, her daughter. 

"Kindergarten dance break," Kling wrote on Instagram, "Zoom fatigue is real...gotta dance it out." 

Violette, along with Kling's other daughter, Josie, have been schooling online since the beginning of the school year.

With many experts saying that the Coronavirus pandemic has caused increased stress for millions of Americans, it's no surprise that some families are finding new and interesting ways to reset amid the struggle. 

We at WKYC want to know how you are dealing with this increasingly confusing and stressful time. Maybe you have taken to dance breaks like our own Chief Meteorologist, or maybe you have picked up a new hobby that you do with your kids. 

Whatever it is, we want to see it. 

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