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Have you had trouble getting access to the COVID-19 vaccine? Tell us your experience

Despite attempts to make the registration process easier, many across the state are still having issues getting themselves or their family members an appointment.

CLEVELAND — If you've found it difficult to figure out a way to get the COVID-19 vaccine, you are not alone. 

On Wednesday afternoon, we asked our viewers and social media followers to tell us about their experience attempting to register and receive the coronavirus vaccine in the state of Ohio. 

“Don’t be fooled. Tried to get on their sites and no luck. Just tried. Marc’s does not have any available within 50 miles of my house," said 3News viewer Barbara Kornuc. "Giant Eagle does not have any available within 25 miles of my house. Hey DeWine, I’ll be dead before I can get mine.”

Kathleen Klingbeil Taylor expressed her frustration on Facebook, writing, "how can Dewine keep saying who will get the vaccine but my 80+ parents can’t find anywhere to get theirs? Every place we go to sign up says no vaccines available within 50 miles."

Others, including Ron Remaklus and Barbara Perciado discussed their concern over the state beginning to vaccinate teachers without finishing what many to be the most at-risk group of Ohioans, the elderly. 

"Don’t have enough now, seniors can’t get the vaccine still," said Ron on Facebook. "Now they want to take on the schools. What’s the sense of having Group 1a-1b-1c.” Barbara Perciado agreed, writing, "the rollout is a complete mess! Keep opening groups up when priority groups are still waiting!! I know healthcare workers still waiting while 65 y/o group and now teachers are starting to get it. What was the point of the rollout if they are just rushing through the groups? My 80 y/o parents are on 3 lists and still can’t get a date? Makes no sense”

If you have had a troublesome experience trying to get the COVID-19 vaccine, we want to hear your story. Leave a comment on our Facebook post, or reply on Twitter

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