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WATCH | 3News' Jay Crawford goes one-on-one with UFC Heavyweight Champion and firefighter Stipe Miocic

"It's all about helping people. I love being a fireman. Whatever goes on, you're always there for someone. I love what I do."

CLEVELAND — He's the baddest man on the planet. He's also a proud firefighter. 

UFC Heavyweight Champion and Northeast Ohio native Stipe Miocic sat down for a Skype conversataion with our Jay Crawford on Tuesday. 

Before talking sports, Jay asked Stipe his reaction to the news that six members of the Berea Fire Department had tested positive for COVID-19. 

"That's terrible," Miocic said. "I mean that's what we sign up for. We understand the hazard of the job. It can happen. Hopefully they're going to be okay."

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So why does Miocic continue to work with the Valley View Fire Department and put himself in harm's way? As Jay mentioned, when you're the champ and the baddest man on the planet, you don't have to be a firefighter anymore.

"It's all about helping people. I love being a fireman. Whatever goes on, you're always there for someone. I love what I do," Stipe says. 

Is Stipe a fighter first and first responder second? Or is it the other way around?

"I'd say first responder. That's where I started as a fireman first. I don't look at it any which way though. I'm just here to help," Miocic told Jay. 

As far as what advice that a combination mixed-martial arts performer and first responder might be able to give to those who are dealing with fear and anxiety, Miocic had a simple message. 

"Honestly, just stay calm and collected. Just be smart. Listen and keep your social distancing. You can still live your life."

As far as what's next in the Octagon, Miocic admits that he's not thinking much about fighting at the moment. 

"My main focus is family and work. I want to be there helping whoever I got to help out for the remainder of this scenario," he told Jay. 

You can watch the entire interview in the player above. 

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