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When you should and shouldn't wear a face mask, according to the Cleveland Clinic

With supplies low, the Clinic clears the air on when you need to wear masks

CLEVELAND — As the coronavirus continues to spread throughout Ohio and the U.S., health departments are warning of diminishing face mask supplies

Last week, the Ohio Department of Health said the state has a "great shortage" of essential N-95 masks, and surgical masks.

If you've been out recently, you might have seen people wearing masks out in public. But who really needs to be wearing these masks? The Cleveland Clinic is trying to set the record straight.

In a post on their Facebook page, the Clinic says not everyone needs to wear masks. The main factors are whether you're sick, and who you're around.

According to the Clinic, wear a mask if:

  • You're sick and around other people
  • You're caring for someone who's sick and they can't wear a mask

The Clinic says if you're not able to wear a mask, be very careful to cover all of your coughs and sneezes, and make sure anyone who's taking care of you is wearing a mask.

Don't wear a mask if: 

  • You're not sick, and you're not around anyone who is

The main reasoning is to save the masks for healthcare workers and those who need it. The Cleveland Clinic has more info and answers to more frequently asked questions about coronavirus on their website.

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